Introduction and Thank You

Introduction and Thank You by The Baby Movement Doctor Angela Marcotte

First, I’d like to give tremendous thanks to Jeff and Nancy Stolbom with Known for showing me patience and kindness in the process of building this project.

It took many years of thought and work to get the job done. Thank you Jeff and Nancy for all that you’ve done for me and my work.

Next, I’d like to thank the four families that stand out from the rest. While I’ve amassed thousands of images over the years with my baby work, four families stand out because of their dedication and willingness to work with me in sharing their children. These families shared with me their babies, gave me permission to move them endlessly, and worked for free. Thank you so much, you own my business with me.

I’m thanking God that I can be in a position, to do my own thing now and make my own decisions.


Miss Angela

The Baby Movement Doctor

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