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Connecting you, with the education you need.

Access to baby movement education is exactly what you need if you have questions about your babe’s physical development. And that’s precisely why Miss Angela The Baby Movement Doctor is available to provide virtual consults to any family that resides in the all 50 United States.

Why a virtual consult?

Virtual consults are powerful because they connect you directly to experts in the field of baby movement milestones. Miss Angela Marcotte The Baby Movement Doctor is a licensed pediatric physical therapist, and virtual consults connect you to Miss Angela’s expert training and thousands of hours of experience as a baby movement milestone teacher.

I realized how important this work was, when I began my work as a teacher of baby movement…
When I was out in the field simply educating about baby physical development, I was truly inspired to use my physical therapy degree to educate all. Whether it’s speaking at a Nanny conference in Chicago, educating new mommies during “4th Trimester Village” support groups, or hosting a play group at a library, I noticed everyone seemed to have the same questions about baby milestone movement.

“What is Torticollis? What does Torticollis look like?”

“Do all babies with flat heads need helmets?” No, mama, NO.

“What can I do to improve my baby’s tummy time?”

“What movements promote crawling?”

“What toys do you recommend to promote my baby’s development?”

Notwithstanding, at the end of the day, my job is the same with every baby I treat and every Mama I see who’s simply telling me about how her strong preemie baby moves. My job is to inspire YOU to do the baby movement.

Pediatric Physical Therapy by The Baby Movement Doctor Angela Marcotte
(Preemie twins completing baby movement by loving family. They’ve since been discharged due to achieving all physical milestones. Posted with permission).


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