Pediatric Therapy for Plagiocephaly

Newborns have malleable skull bones to allow movement through the birth canal. Baby head shape deformities can be caused by positioning during pregnancy, movement through the birth canal, or limited neck movement during the first several weeks of life.

 Plagiocephaly occurs when one side of the back of the head is flat, either the left or right. Plagiocephaly that has progressed often accompanies asymmetries to the face, ears, jaw, and neck.

Brachycephaly occurs when the back of the head is flat, commonly like a pancake. This causes protrusion of the forehead and eyes. Limited neck movement specifically in rotation, often accompanies Brachycephaly.

Plagiocephaly vs Brachycephaly Example by Pediatric Therapist Angela Marcotte

Treatment of Plagiocephaly involves photographic assessment, caliper measurement of the flat spot, and exercises to restore neck movement. Cranial work and Cranial Therapy is evidence-based, effective, and proven to correct head shape deformities in order to avoid the helmet.

Making sure the baby sleeps with their head in a variety of positions is key to promoting early baby milestones and prevention of Plagiocephaly.