Pediatric Therapy for Torticollis

Torticollis = Tight Neck, Weak Neck, or both.

What is Torticollis by Pediatric Physical Therapist Angela Marcotte

Torticollis is a movement diagnosis that impacts the baby’s ability to move the neck.

As a result, the baby favors turning their head to one side and/or sleeping with their head in only one position. The baby may also demonstrate poor tummy time milestone development. The baby head shape many times is involved with Torticollis, with a flat spot developing or potential developing.

The specific cause for Torticollis depends on the history of the baby. The baby may be born with the movement disorder as a result of preterm positioning (congenital), or the baby may develop the condition in the first several weeks of life (positional).

The Sternocleidomastoid muscle is often the culprit with Torticollis.

Making sure the baby moves their neck to complete active neck lifts and neck turns against gravity is key to promoting early baby milestones and prevention of Torticollis.