Pediatric Therapy for Milestone Development

Every baby grows and moves through their milestones at their own pace. A slow or missed milestone sometimes means nothing because the baby just needs more time.

When a baby continues to demonstrate a delay in milestones, for example:

  • Lack of neck lifting with arm pushing during Tummy Time
  • Lack of rolling
  • Lack of sitting
  • Limited or no crawling
  • Lack of leg strength in standing
Milestone Development Example by Pediatric Therapist Angela Marcotte

A physical developmental delay is considered. Further assessment of the baby with physical gross motor delay involves objective measure of the baby in developmental positions, assessment of strength and muscular tone, and exercise recommendation.

Pediatric therapy for milestone development restores movement by activating core and large muscle groups of the body. This activation, combined with use of pediatric equipment, gives the baby the boost they need in order to achieve their milestones.

Check out our milestone handout to check your baby’s milestones.