Please trust the advice of medical professionals over wellness influencers

Hello babes, this is Miss Angela The Baby Doctor, and I’ve decided to break character from my usual white ensemble to talk about another character, a character both not worthy and worthy of discussing –

the wellness influencer.

A wellness influencer is someone is confident, attractive, personable, not lovely, and they possess no medical training whatsoever. And yet, they hawk products, boast themselves, their credits, accomplishments, and they are bonafied salewomen. The reason why I say “woman,” is because more often than not, a wellness influencer holds the following character profile:



-with children

-with some sort of bachelors degree, that they no longer use

These women are using their likeness to pretend to be professionals at what they do. When you sufficiently like and are inspired by them, you are then influenced to purchase their products. Whether that be an essential oil or supplements, these women discuss health and their health and your health seriously and they have no business doing so.

I say this, write this as an actual medical provider. These women could never reach my status I’ve worked so hard, so humbly, to achieve. It is a true privilege, the greatest honor of my life, to provide care to your children, and with that perceived high status, I do not abuse the privilege by selling products.

Any questions? Keep in touch, babes.


Miss Angela The Baby Doctor

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